We are Adventist Aviation Services PNG

We have been operating in Papua New Guinea Since 1964.


Our primary purpose is to serve the Adventist Church through aviation in Papua New Guinea. We provide transportation to pastors, teachers, and bible workers. We also fly building materials for the construction of churchs, schools and clinics.


To help subsidize the mission side of our organization, we operate a non-scheduled charter operation under a CASA PNG 119 Air Operators Certificate.


In order to support the local communities throughout Papua New Guinea, we provide flights to the rural areas of PNG where no road access exists.


Due to the lack of road infrastructure in PNG and the rugged terrain, we provide emergency medical evacuation services to communities throughout Papua New Guinea.

Our Aircraft Fleet.

1 Since 2007, we have been operating Pacific Aerospace 750XL aircraft. These aircraft have proven to be safe and reliable in the rugged conditions of Papua New Guinea.

2 The Pacific Aerospace 750XL is capable of carrying up to 9 passengers with a full seating configuration.

3It can also be re-configured for cargo and can carry 1000+ kgs depending on fuel requirements.

Where we go.